The Rajang has a tropical rainforest climate with average high temperatures of 30–32 °C (86–90 °F) and lows of around 23 °C (73 °F) and moderate rainfall throughout the year.
The Rajang is the longest river in Malaysia and flows across northwest Borneo from the Iran Mountains into Sarawak where it enters the South China Sea. Navigable for 130 km from its wide, swampy delta to Sibu by oceangoing vessels, then for 120 km by shallow-draft craft until the Pelagus Rapids, it is a total jungle experience with the rainforest tumbling into the fast flowing river.  
Lower Rajang

The Rajang River is navigable for 80 miles (130 km) from its wide, swampy delta to Sibu by oceangoing vessels. Though well know to many from Redmon O’Hanlon’s classic Into the Heart of Borneo, there is very little tourism here due to the river’s remoteness and lack of facilities.

Upper Rajang

From Sibu it is possible to cruise a further 75 miles (120 km) by shallow-draft craft up to the Pelagus Rapids. The area is peopled with the Iban, headhunters till the 1950s, whose unique long house culture survives well to this day. The next major settlement upriver is Kanowit built on the mouth of Kanowit River where it joins the Rajang River, approximately, 174km from the coast of South China Sea and about an hour boat ride from Sibu, followed by Kapit as the last major town on the river. Others smaller towns are Song and Belaga

Baleh River

The Baleh River is navigable for 40km from its junction with the Rajang. It is a fast flowing river passing through deep jungle where there are a couple of spectacular shipwrecks, a small islet with rapids and a longhouse perched on a bluff above and rice fields on the hills. Logging is strictly controlled by the Sarawak government and there is a strict replanting program. You can visit a logging camp and stop overnight at Nagamujong village with its long house, school, clinic and church. Also see loading points for coal coming from mines deep in the jungle.

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